Dynamics 365 CRM and Sales History Data

We had a request from two clients recently to integrate historical sales data from Quickbooks and Sage into the Dynamics 365 CRM system. Their sales teams needed to see past sales trends to help with setting daily priorities. This video shows a few screen shots of how we made this happen.

Dynamics 365 CRM with Integrated Quote App

Many of our clients have the need for a Product Configuration and Quoting Application. In this video, we show how a complex application can be integrated right into the Dynamics 365 CRM system. This provides a single, very accessible source for key product and job information.

Dynamics CRM Services


The CRM Team at ThesisTech partners with you from project kickoff to final implementation and training. We work hard to understand your unique business needs and bring the right custom solutions.


One of the most important aspects of CRM implementation is getting your current data loaded into the system. We typically use Excel vba macros to scrub, convert and import your data into the Dynamics CRM.


Early in each of our CRM implementations, we spend time to understand your business and key business processes. We work together to optimize these processes as we plan the CRM implementation.


Dynamics 365 can be customized in many ways. Our team will work with you to determine what is needed for fields, forms, views, reports, dashboards, custom apps, custom processes and more.


Our team can develop integrations to push CRM data to other systems or pull data from other systems into your CRM. We work to make key data available when and where you need it.


The Dynamics 365 Outlook App allows your CRM users to get the benefits of Dynamics 365 without ever leaving Outlook. User adoption rates increase drastically for many users when the Outlook App is utilized.


The Dynamics 365 CRM system comes with several tools for automating workflows inside and outside the application. Automation improves efficiency and enables new insights into key data.


Dynamics CRM includes many good marketing tools. You can also expand on these tools with Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Capabilities range from Email automation to AI enabled market insights.


Part of the CRM implementation process is designing the reports and dashboards required to support key management processes within your organization.


After initial CRM implementation, the ThesisTech team will continue to provide you with the support and maintenance required. The details of this support will be discussed during the project.


As part of the implementation process, we provide 2 key types of training: User training for end users and Admin training for the support team members who will keep the system running smoothly.


Some clients choose to outsource the admin functions related to the CRM system (user setup, reporting, data activities etc). ThesisTech can perform your system admin support functions for you.

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People Centered CRM Implementation

As much as we love the technology side of our business, we know that a successful CRM implementation starts and ends with people. One of our early goals in the implementation process is to connect with each person that will use the system or be impacted by it in some way. We listen, document and use what we hear. We also begin the process of building excitement for this new tool. When people are engaged in the process and have their needs addressed, successful implementation is almost guaranteed.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Programmers Grand Rapids

Dynamics 365 - Beyond CRM

Dynamics 365 is a full suite of cloud-based business applications from Microsoft. Our clients will often choose Dynamics 365 as their CRM platform because they see additional future opportunities as their business grows. For example, they may be growing beyond the capabilities of Quickbooks as their accounting system. Dynamics CRM data can integrate seamlessly with the Dynamics 365 accounting packages, providing a solid future strategy for growth. Here are a few items to consider beyond CRM with the Dynamics 365 platform:

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central is a cloud based ERP system which includes accounting, manufacturing, supply chain management and other capabilities. This application is the cloud based version of the Microsoft Navision ERP system, one of the top selling ERP systems in the country for small and midsized businesses. The accounting system in Business Central began many years ago as Great Plains and in its current state, can be scaled well beyond what Quickbooks can offer.

Dynamics 365 Project Services

Many companies provide services to their customes on a project basis. Project Services is a project planning and management system which integrates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 CRM (think of opportunities as projects). Project Services includes resource capacity planning, project pricing and costing and also integrates many of the task management features available in the standard Microsoft Project application (dynamic gantt charts, etc).

Dynamics 365 Marketing

While Dynamics 365 CRM includes many marketing automation features, Dynamics 365 for Marketing offers full marketing automation and integrates with the CRM application (think of MailChimp or Constant Contact inside the CRM with many added features such as AI driven market insights).

LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 CRM

LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides many powerful marketing opportunities within the LinkedIn network. Because LinkedIn is now owned by Microsoft, Sales Navigator can be enabled inside of Dynamics 365 at the Lead or Account level to provide even more capabilities and efficiencies.

Case Studies

If you are interested in our Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM services, please feel free to call our Microsoft Dynamics consultants at (888) 705-7253. The talented software developers at ThesisTech are dedicated to improving your business through a successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM implementation.

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