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We help companies use the Dynamics 365 CRM system to improve their business performance:

Increase sales and customer retention by more than 20%.
Increase sales team productivity by more than 30%.
Gain new insights into your processes and data.
Optimize key business processes.
Integrate your CRM with other Microsoft tools and 3rd party systems.


Dynamics 365 CRM

"The ThesisTech team listens carefully, offers solutions, and suggests enhancements. Their efforts have vastly improved our CRM implementation and their domain knowledge plus professional demeanor underscore their overall abilities. Their can-do attitude helped cement a great working relationship."

Habir M - Division Director

Dynamics 365 CRM Consulting Services

"ThesisTech has been an absolute blessing for our company. We have used this company not only to design and implement our CRM but also to develop our Excel-based pricing tool as well. ThesisTech has the experience to make well-reasoned recommendations as well as the knowledge to turn our requests into reality."

Rich G - Sales Manager

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Whether you are launching your first CRM system or enhancing your current CRM, our Implementation approach delivers results:

User adoption strategies
Sales and management dashboards
Customization of tables, forms, and processes
Low code customizations using Power Apps and Power Automate
Advanced customizations using JavaScript, XML, and plugins
Advanced API Capabilities

Recent Dynamics 365 CRM Projects

CRM Integrations and Customizations

Dynamics 365 CRM Integration and Customization Consultants
Client Details

Our client manufactures and sells sophisticated air cleaning systems to commercial and residential customers across the U.S. and Canada.

Project Highlights
  • Accounting System Integration
  • Quoting System Integration
  • Multiple Business Units
  • Advanced Customer Maps
Project Details

A high level of customization allowed us to implement two distinct Business Units in a single Dynamics CRM system.

We also performed two powerful integrations for this client. First, we integrated Accounting System invoice data into the CRM. Second, we integrated a custom product configuration and quoting tool with the CRM.

This client has been a customer for 6 years and Dynamics 365 CRM is at the center of their business processes.

Customer Service Automation

Dynamics 365 CRM Automation Consulting Services
Client Details

Our client is a service organization that supports all U.S. House of Representative offices with services ranging from technology to office setup.

Project Highlights
  • U.S. House of Representatives
  • Integrated Power App
  • Power Automate Flows
Project Details

Dynamics 365 CRM had been implemented in the past and now required additional automation to increase the level of customer service and decrease the manual workload.

Along with other modifications, we implemented an application in Dynamics which provided the expanded functionality and high level of automation required by the client.

This automation allowed our client to process hundreds of support cases simultaneously with a click of a few buttons.

Mission Critical Dashboards

Dynamics 365 CRM Consultant Services Near Me
Client Details

Our client is a large executive recruiting firm with a fairly complex Dynamics 365 CRM implementation.

Project Highlights
  • Power Apps Custom Pages
  • Non-traditional Dashboards
Project Details

Our client has a complex Dynamics 365 CRM implementation including plugins, JavaScript, and XML menu modifications.

Recently, we have been working with our client's leadership to implement new dashboards inside the CRM. Because of the very specific layouts required, we are utilizing Power Apps Custom Pages to implement these dashboards.

The result of these new dashboards is to provide new business insights which are immediately accessible inside the CRM.

Advanced Customizations and Security

Dynamics 365 CRM Advanced Customizations and Security Consultants Near Me
Client Details

Our client is a State of Florida agency that uses Dynamics 365 CRM for many of their day-to-day processes.

Project Highlights
  • Team-based security model
  • AHeavy use of JavaScript
  • XML Menu Modifications
Project Details

Our client has very specific security needs which require the use of more advanced Dynamics 365 CRM features.

Azure Active Directory security groups are synced with Dynamics 365 Teams to create a team-based security model. Workflows and Power Automate Flows are used to control row level ownership and security for records in the CRM.

This project also involves complex JavaScript customizations and XML menu modifications to support very specific business processes.

Dynamics 365 CRM Services

01 Implementation

The CRM Consultants at ThesisTech work with you from project kickoff to final implementation, training, and support. We work hard to understand your unique business needs and develop solutions that have a real impact on your business. Our CRM implementation process delivers strong user acceptance and business improvement.

02 Customization

The Dynamics 365 CRM system can be customized in many ways. Our team will work with you to determine what is needed for fields, forms, views, reports, dashboards, custom apps, custom processes and more. We use out of the box approaches as well as more advanced customization using javascript and plugins.

03 Integrations

Sales and business processes can often be enhanced greatly by integrating systems and data inside the CRM. For example, sales or other accounting data is a common CRM integration created by the ThesisTech team. We have a deep knowledge of API connections to 3rd party systems which allows us to develop seamless integrations.

04 Data Migration

One of the most important aspects of CRM implementation is getting your current data loaded into the system quickly and accurately. Our staff includes advanced data consultants that use various tools and approaches to transform data for effective loading into your CRM system.

05 Process Automation

Early in each of our CRM implementations, we spend time to understand and document your unique business processes. Dynamics 365 CRM has many business process automation tools that we use to digitally transform your business processes to achieve a new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

06 Dashboards & Reports

A critical objective for each of our CRM implementations is to provide new business insights that make a real difference in your business. We have decades of experience developing dashboards and reports for businesses in every industry. We utilize both internal Dynamics 365 CRM dashboards and Power BI dashboards to deliver these insights.

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