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Make Information More Accessible and Improve Efficiency with Power Automate

  • Launch and monitor approval workflows using emails or Microsoft Teams messages.
  • Monitor business processes and trigger actions based on metrics or other business conditions.
  • Get external data via api connections and integrate it with your internal systems.
  • Create a single and seamless business process by connecting internal systems.
  • Save time and improve information quality by automating repetitive tasks.

The Real Power of Power Automate

Power Automate is the popular workflow automation tool from Microsoft and is part of the Power Platform along with Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents. From a lot of the "press" given to Power Automate, you would be forgiven if you thought it was just for approval workflows. This is surely one of the common uses for the tool, but there are many more.

Our Thesis Technologies team recently evaluated the Power Automate flows we had written over the last few months. Here is how our sampling of 45 flows broke down by purpose: 20 were used to connect systems, 10 were used to automate processes, 10 were used to monitor processes and notifiy users, and 5 were used to automate reports.

The real power of Power Automate is not the technical purpose for a particular flow, but the impact these automations can have on your business. Here are 4 Key Business Advantages achieved with Power Automate:

Better Insights and Decisions
Power Automate is a tool for bringing your data together and getting it organized. When the right data is delivered to the right people at the right time, the result is better insights into your business operations and better decisions made by all involved.

Management by "Triggers"
If you manage an organization with some complexity (who doesn't), it can be difficult to stay on top of all the things you need to pay attention to. Power Automate gives you the ability to monitor key processes and data in your organization and to notify you when something is out of line.

An Efficient Team
Power Automate can be used to automate a wide range of repetitive tasks. Power Automate has over 300 connectors and thousands of actions and triggers which provide an almost endless list of automation possibilities. Have a particular process in mind? Connect with us and we will help you ponder the possibilities for automation and improvement.

An Engaged Team
When Power Automate lends a hand in empowering your team with key information and relieving them of repetitive tasks, they have the time and the tools to engage in new ways. We see this again and again as we help clients "get their systems right". When systems are right, people are happier and make a bigger impact in your business.

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Power Automate connects all Microsoft Business Applications

Power Automate is more than just a workflow automation tool. Microsoft is the market leader in "open" cloud business applications. Power Automate is an important part of this eco-system that can be used to tie it all together. Data from any Microsoft Business application is available for use in any process and can be integrated with any other system through the use of Power Automate. Microsoft Business Applications in conjunction with Power Automate offer unlimited opportunities to create fully integrated and highly automated business processes that transform your business.

Power Automate Consulting Services


Power Automate flow design is an important step in the implementation process. Our Team works hard to understand your desired workflow results and we design the automation to make it happen.


After a successful flow design, our team then adds the connections, triggers, actions and conditions that bring the flow to life. We also spend time testing and optimizing the flow to achieve the desired results.


Our Team of consultants is well prepared to work with our clients through a process of current business process evaluation. Understanding the current process is a key step in automation and improvement.


Our Team at ThesisTech has many years of very broad business experience. We have also help hundreds of clients redesign their business processes. Often a process redesign is a natural fit with process automation.


Often external system API's can be a challenge to work with. One way to address this complexity is to create a Custom Connector in Power Automate to structure an easier way for your team to use the API.


Power Automate can often be an effective way to make API calls to external systems and process the data. Using Power Automate for this task reduces the coding time required for API integrations.


One of our most common uses of Power Automate is to connect data and automate processes in the Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP environment. Dynamics 365 data is open and accessible to Power Automate.


Power Automate can be installed as an app inside of Teams or can access Teams elements independently outside of Teams. Flows used with Teams provide many opportunities to create a new level of productivity.


Excel Online is one of the Power Automate connectors. This allows direct access to tables inside a workbook. We also integrate Excel Desktop data with Power Automate using vba and SQL Azure tables.


QuickBooks Online data can be accessed using an API. Server versions of QuickBooks require other methods of data access. For both versions, we use Power Automate to retrieve data for various purposes.


SQL Azure provides cloud databases that we often use for system integration purposes. Power Automate can read, write and manipulate data in a SQL database and move this data between systems.


Our Team provides training for your team on Power Automate if desired. We also provide ongoing support for our client's flows or host client flows in our ThesisTech Power Automate accounts.

Power Automate Examples


  • Route a document for approval
  • Send an email with dynamic choices
  • Launch a workflow from SharePoint
  • Launch a workflow from Teams
  • Launch a workflow from Dynamics 365
  • Distribute quote docs if over $20K
  • Notify customer when shipdate changes
  • Sales Process - advance to next stage
  • Automate account management process
  • Post order details to customer portal
  • Maintain customer segmentation


  • No CRM follow-up - Create new task
  • Email received - Change CRM Status
  • Follow-up due - Change CRM Status
  • Product Shipped - Change CRM Status
  • Product Shipped - Schedule 90 day task
  • Twitter Post - Send Email
  • Field value changed - Set another field
  • Margin below 20% - Send an email
  • Safety incident - Notify management
  • Quote Complete - Notify management
  • Run a Flow at 11:00 PM each night


  • Push QuickBooks sales data to CRM
  • Push Excel quotes to CRM
  • Create a Sales Order in Business Central
  • Quick create Account-Contact-Opp in CRM
  • Integrate Time-Tracking System w/CRM
  • Integrate Time-Tracking System w/ERP
  • Connect PowerApps to organization data
  • Make API Calls to external system
  • Push data to and from SQL Database
  • Write and retrieve data from Salesforce
  • Sync Email lists between CRM and MailChimp


  • Create a Teams Channel for a Project
  • Assign a new project number
  • Create a PDF or Excel file
  • Add Social posts
  • Distribute reports automatically
  • Geocode addresses for mapping
  • Re-calculate key metrics each night
  • Automate a monthly email
  • Add data to an Excel sheet each day
  • Retrieve daily stock prices
  • Automate a new customer email
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