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Like many of our clients, you may be experiencing process or data issues due to growth in your business. These issues can sometimes cause frustrated employees, dissatisfied customers or a lack of key data required for good decision making. We partner with clients to solve these types of issues every day.

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Microsoft Excel Services

ThesisTech has been providing Excel Consulting Services since we were founded in 2013. We know how critical Excel is to most businesses and it plays a key role in our wide range of custom software solutions. Here are a few of the Excel services offered by ThesisTech:

Spreadsheet Help

We provide assistance with all Excel formulas and functions ranging from VLOOKUP to Charts to Pivot Tables. No project is too large or too small for our team of Excel experts.

VBA Macro Development

Each of our Excel developers is a pro at VBA macro coding. 70% of our projects are VBA oriented. VBA is used to automate tasks, analyze data and build highly functional business applications in Excel.

Excel Automation

Many of our projects involve automating tasks to save time and improve data quality. VBA macros can be used to combine many files, send emails, post addresses to Google Earth and almost anything else you can imagine.

Excel Dashboards

One of our specialities is the design and implementation of Excel based Dashboards. VBA Macros are often used to automatically refresh the Dashboards with the latest KPI data.

Excel w/ SQL Server

Complex Excel applications can be extended through the use of a SQL Server Database. This is often required when there is a very large volume of data or to enable integrations with other business applications.

Excel w/ Azure Cloud

When Excel data needs to be shared and processed by multiple people, we often use a SQL Server Database on Azure Cloud to remove the physical boundaries found with a typical Excel workbook.

Data Analysis & Modeling

We have financial and accounting experts on staff who can help you sort through, understand and present the most complex data. Our Financial Analysts can help add key insights to your decisions.

Integration w/ MS Office

VBA can be used to integrate processes between all of the MS Office products. We can push data from Excel to Word or Powerpoint. We can automatically send emails and set Outlook appointments from Excel.

Dynamics 365 Integration

From importing Accounts and Contacts to integrating your Excel based quote system, we can help you link your Excel data to your CRM data. We use Excel VBA and Microsoft Flow to build powerful integrations. Integration

We use Excel VBA and Microsoft Flow to build powerful integrations between your Excel data and your CRM. For example, we integrate Excel based quoting systems with Salesforce.

Quickbooks Integration

We have Quickbooks ProAdvisors on staff with a great deal of Quickbooks knowledge. We can assist you in automating transaction processing and enhance your reporting capabilities with dynamic custom reports.

Excel Mini-Apps

We have developed many mini-applications in Excel which do not resemble a typical workbook. We can add custom menus and graphical user forms for an enhanced user experience to assist with complex processes.

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Excel Sample Dashboards

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We understand the confidential nature of the information often managed in Excel workbooks. Confidentiality of your information is our top priority. We sign non-disclosure agreements often and can provide an NDA document for this purpose if needed.

Our Excel Process

Most of our Excel projects start with a phone conversation regarding your issues and objectives. This call often involves reviewing your current workbooks via email or screen-sharing session. Once we have discussed the goals and possible approaches for the project we will provide a detailed scope-of-work document along with a cost and timing quote. If the project is not well defined upfront, we can also work on a time and material basis. After your approval of the quote, we get things kicked off and keep you involved during the development process. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our work and will deliver what was agreed to upfront. We will also be there to support you after the project has been delivered.

Recent Work

If you are interested in seeing more of our recent excel development and integration services, please contact our Microsoft Excel developers at (888) 705-7253. At ThesisTech, our business system consultants take pride in helping all our clients improve their business through our Microsoft Excel Projects.

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