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Power BI Dashboard Services

  • Grow your business and make fast, well-informed decisions.
  • Gain powerful new insights through interactive dashboards.
  • Consolidate wide-ranging data into a single cohesive data source.
  • Combine accounting and operational data for maximum impact.
  • Drill through your data in new and powerful ways.

Power BI Transforms How You See Your Business

The right information presented in the right way can transform how you see and operate your business.

Our Microsoft Power BI consultants work with our clients to achieve this objective.

We are also Excel consultants and we have built a lot of dashboards in Excel. Power BI offers more flexibility and more drill-through capability than Excel in most cases. The filtering and interactive nature of Power BI dashboards create a powerful tool for any business. Power BI also operates in the cloud, which gives you access to your dashboards from any location on any device.

Power BI also connects to a wide variety of data sources, ranging from Excel spreadsheets to complex databases. We work with our clients to integrate their most important data sources into a single cohesive set of dashboards and reports. We work hard to automate the entire process so that your data is always available when and where you need it.

Power BI Is the #1 Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform

Microsoft Power BI is the #1 ranked analytics and business intelligence platform in the world, according to Gartner's Magic Quadrant Analysis for 2020. Power BI ranks #1 in ability to execute and #1 in completeness of vision, making it the undisputed winner in the "Leaders" quadrant.

Power BI has achieved a large market share by making analytics and BI affordable for any size company. At only $9.99 per user per month, Power BI is an easy choice for companies seeking best-in-class functionality at a very affordable price.

Our Business and Dashboard Experience

The ThesisTech Power BI consultants offer decades of real business experience. We have been designing and implementing powerful business dashboards across many industries for longer than some of us care to remember. This experience will help us quickly understand your business, transform your ideas into powerful data visualizations, and make well-informed recommendations on how to get the most from your data.

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Power BI Consulting Services

ThesisTech has been providing Excel Consulting Services since we were founded in 2013. We know how critical Excel is to most businesses and it plays a key role in our wide range of custom software solutions. Here are a few of the Excel services offered by ThesisTech:


We work with our clients to design the perfect dashboards for their businesses. We work hard to make sure the dashboards we develop have a significant impact on your business.


Our years of experience across many industries allow us to quickly understand your business and transform your needs into powerful visualizations. We also make well-informed recommendations along the way.


Most businesses have several sources of keyinformation, such as accounting systems, operational systems, and even important Excel spreadsheets. We bring all of this data together into a single cohesive reporting platform.


One of our favorite ways of implementing Power BI for our clients is to build a data warehouse on Azure cloud. This allows us to transform data from many data sources into a single cohesive source of data for reporting and analysis.


We are also Excel consultants, and we have completed thousands of Excel projects over the years. When key data is located in Excel, we know how to integrate and automate the use of this data.


Our Power BI consultants are also accountants. We understand financial statements and use this knowledge to give you accurate and correct financial information.


Power BI can be integrated right inside the Dynamics 365 platform. This allows us to bring "outside" data right into the CRM (such as accounting data). We can also embed Power BI charts right into a CRM account or Opportunity form for powerful analysis.


Power BI has a "subscription" service built-in which allows the scheduling of reports and dashboards via email. If you would rather have your data analysis sent to you, Power BI can handle that task.


Power BI can be set up to provide live data streams. Clients will sometimes display key business data on a big screen. Power BI can provide continuous data streaming where this is required.


Power BI has mapping functions which allow a business to see their data geographically. This option is perfect for territory analysis or global business analysis.


If you have never seen Power BI in action, we would love to give you a quick demo! You need to see the interactive filtering and drill-through live to really appreciate what is possible.


We provide training for your people on the Power BI platform. This can be in-depth developer training or higher-level user training depending on your needs

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Power BI Consulting

ThesisTech has been providing Power BI Consulting and related Services since we were founded in 2013. We know how much of an impact can be made in a business where "the right information at the right time" is always the norm. Here are a few of the Power BI services offered by ThesisTech:

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