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ThesisTech provides Microsoft Excel Consulting Services to clients large and small across the country. We help our clients:

Improve efficiency
Improve information quality
Gain new insights into business data
Improve workbooks with new approaches


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"ThesisTech was highly recommended to our company and exceeded our expectations. They quickly absorbed our complex financial modeling objectives and through thoughtful collaboration, transformed our critical analysis templates. Their contribution has enabled us to leverage our resources by improving the efficiency and accuracy by which we capture many diverse data points to run various sensitivity analyses."

Jeri F. - COO

Excel Consulting Services

"ThesisTech has been an absolute blessing for our company. We have used this company not only to design and implement our CRM but also to develop our Excel-based pricing tool as well. ThesisTech has the experience to make well-reasoned recommendations as well as the knowledge to turn our requests into reality."

Rich G - Sales Manager

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Our Excel Consulting projects include:

VBA Macro Automation
Dashboards and Business Reports
Power Query and Power Pivot
Excel Charts
Excel Database Applications
Integrations with other business systems
Advanced Excel Functions
Experienced Spreadsheet Consultants

Recent Excel Consulting Projects

Excel Based Quoting Application

Microsoft Excel Consultants
Client Details

Our client manufactures and sells sophisticated air cleaning systems to commercial customers across the U.S. and Canada.

Project Highlights
  • Custom Excel Menu Ribbon
  • SQL Azure Database for data storage
  • Multi-user environment
  • Complex row automations
  • Complex Excel formulas
Project Details

Our client's objective was to improve and streamline their quoting process for the parts they produced. The quoting process was very involved and complex due to many operations and product configurations.

Our approach was to create VBA-driven Excel Database application. We provided a custom menu for easy navigation and stored all quote data in a SQL database on Microsoft Azure. The data structure of this application has many elements.

The result was a more efficient quoting process. The data captured by this application also provided insights that did not exist before.

Excel Forecasting Workbook

Microsoft Excel Consulting Services
Client Details

Our client is a prominent marketing company in the pharmaceutical industry which handles digital marketing for some of the biggest brand names on the market.

Project Highlights
  • Dynamic modeling functionality
  • Very Complex Excel formulas
  • VBA automations
  • Raw data import from SharePoint
Project Details

Our client has thousands of rows of marketing data which include a dozen key performance metrics. These metrics need to be manipulated to optimize profitability and customer performance. Doing this manually required weeks of analysis and modeling each quarter.

We created a workbook that used a combination of advanced formulas and VBA macros which allow the user to apply forecast assumptions to the data. The impact of forecast assumptions is rolled up by advertiser, campaign, and for the total business.

The workbook we developed replaces a very laborious manual forecasting process with an efficient automated one.

Excel Dashboards

Excel Consultant Services Near Me
Client Details

Our client is a rapidly growing multi-branch Credit Union which sells several proprietary financial products to consumers.

Project Highlights
  • Dashboard design phase with client
  • VBA dashboard refresh process
  • Multiple dashboard filters
  • New business insights delivered
Project Details

Our client was looking for ways to gain new insights into their business data. For this project, the data consisted of details for products they sold as a Credit Union.

We used VBA and Excel formulas to transform the raw data into a format that could be displayed in a series of charts and tables, including the ability to filter and drill through the detail for analysis purposes.

The result of this project was to make key data insights available to managers on demand. These instant insights replaced the slow process of manual data analysis.

Excel Reporting Using API Calls

Microsoft Excel Consultants Near Me
Client Details

Our client is a Solar energy provider to the National Power Grid who used National Power Grid data for invoicing purposes.

Project Highlights
  • Power Automate calls from Excel
  • API authentication
  • API data calls
  • VBA data transformation
Project Details

Our client is in the energy business and downloads data monthly from the National Power Grid for invoicing purposes. This process as very labor-intensive. Our client was looking for a way to automate invoicing.

For this project, we used Excel VBA to call Power Automate Flows which made API calls to the National Power Grid system. We then imported this data into an Excel Invoicing workbook.

The new process we developed for our client improved the efficiency and quality or the invoicing process.

Excel Consulting Services

01 Excel Help

ThesisTech provides Excel Help ranging from simple formulas to advanced Excel functions like power query, pivot tables, financial functions, data lookups, and more. Our Excel Consulting Team is prepared to handle simple requests or complex projects.

02 VBA Automation

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is used to programmatically add additional functionality to Excel workbooks including automated processes, data entry forms, connections to external systems, and custom menus. 80% of our Excel projects involve some kind of VBA automation.

03 Excel Dashboards

Excel dashboard design and implementation are two of our specialties. Our Excel Consulting Team has years of practical business experience which helps us to work with you to quickly understand your business and provide new insights into your operations.

04 Financial Modeling

Our Excel Consulting Team has years of hands-on financial analysis and Excel modeling experience in a wide range of industries. Our team includes CPA's and CMA's who have developed complex financial models for companies large and small.

05 Excel Database Apps

When data or processes are too complex for a normal Excel approach, we will often add a SQL Azure Database to allow greater capacity and functionality. Data is organized and stored in the database and called into the workbook as needed using Excel VBA or Power Query.

06 API / Integrations

When Excel needs to be connected to external systems such as QuickBooks, CRM, or ERP, the ThesisTech Team uses several methods including VBA API calls, ODBC queries, Power Query steps or integration databases. Two-way integrations are often possible.

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