Why You Might Need a Better CRM

Many businesses today have a Customer Relationship Management system in place to help them manage customer information and processes. A CRM could be something setup in Excel or it could be one of the many systems offered for sale by hundreds of CRM vendors.

If you have a CRM system currently, how good is it? Having a CRM system because you know you need one is different than having an effective CRM system. Over the years we have gotten involved with plenty of “dead” CRM systems. These types of systems are there alright but no one would miss them much if they were gone. This can happen because it is the wrong system or maybe the implementation wasn’t all that good.

If this sounds familiar, you might need a better CRM system. To be more specific, here are 6 reasons why you might need a better CRM:

  1. No One Wants to Use it

    When a CRM system is subpar it is difficult to get people to use it. CRM systems are meant to save time, improve customer satisfaction, and make everyone more money. When this isn’t the case, getting people to use the CRM can be a painful thing. On the other side of this coin, when a CRM system is implemented well and meets the needs of its users, they will flock to the CRM because that is how they get their job done. It can be an enjoyable experience working with a CRM, but this is only the case when it benefits me as a user.

  2. Lack of Automation

    CRM systems on the market today range from basic contract trackers to highly functional software platforms. Many companies will go the “basic” CRM route only to find that it does not provide enough benefits to really get off the ground. One of the huge benefits of a capable and well implemented CRM system is process automation. This is where the big time-save is usually found. We work with Dynamics 365 CRM and Salesforce.com CRM and these two systems are great examples of highly functional platforms that can transform your business through powerful automations.

  3. Bad Data Organization

    Is your CRM data a mess? You are not alone. Almost every CRM implementation (or re-implementation) involves a lot of time organizing and cleaning data. If you can’t find what you need in the system, it is useless. Being able to easily access what you are looking for is one of the basic functions required to get people to use the system.

  4. Missing Information

    Probably the most powerful way to get people to use a CRM system is to give them access to key information they didn’t have before. One of the best examples of this is when a sales team is provided access to customer sales information through the CRM system. This is accomplished by integrating certain accounting data with the CRM. If you find that your CRM does not provide all the information required to do your job effectively, then you may need a better CRM system that can bring all the key data together in a well-organized manner.

  5. Too Many Surprises

    If you constantly find yourself blind-sided by customer related surprises, you may need a better CRM system. Maybe the owner of your company asks you why one of your top customers stopped buying from us 3 months ago. If you have no other response than “they did?”, maybe there are some opportunities to pursue with your CRM system. A good system will provide real time insights into key customer data that you must be aware of to be successful.

  6. Customer Communication is a Mystery

    If you don’t know who is talking to whom and when they are doing it, you might benefit from a better CRM system. A good system should collect all customer communications and organize it for quick and easy consumption. Yes, there are those who will push back against “big brother” monitoring everything. But the reality is, that kind of thinking is from a bygone era. Today, it is very typical for many people to collaborate to meet the customer’s needs. To make this possible, people need information about the customer at their fingertips.


Many companies use a CRM system to manage customer information and processes. But not all CRM systems can get the job done. There are 6 tell-tale signs that you may need a better CRM system. The good news is, if you can relate to any of the items on this list, you have some CRM related opportunities ahead of you.

About the Author: Brian Busscher is the CEO and Founder of Thesis Technologies which pursues a mission to “help you get your systems right.” If you think you may need a better CRM system, please contact the Thesis Team at (888) 705-7253.

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