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What Is SharePoint?

SharePoint is so rich in features and functionality that it can sometimes be difficult to grasp the full picture of what SharePoint can be used for. We like to think of SharePoint in these 4 broad categories:

Data & Documents

Central Data Storage Location
Document and File Sharing and Searching
Track and Control Document Changes
SharePoint Lists (similar to database tables)
SharePoint Libraries (docs and related info)


Microsoft Flow Integrated with Sharepoint
Automate Business Processes and Tasks
Automated Approval Workflows
Automated Notification Workflows
Connect to Hundreds of External Applications

Sites & Portals

Intranets (employee communications and collaboration)
Team Sites (project teams, mgmt teams, adhoc teams)
Extranets (partner and membership portals)
Public Sites (customer facing portals)
Collaboration (co-authoring, discussion boards, social)

Integrated Apps

Embedded Forms and Custom Applications (PowerApps)
Calendars and Tasks Lists Integration
Power BI Visualizations (management dashboards)
Web Integrations (embed parts of other websites)
Dynamics CRM and Office 365 Integrations


SharePoint is a flexible platform designed to bring information, process and people together in more effective ways. SharePoint keeps your team engaged from any location and on any device resulting in faster collaboration and decision making.


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SharePoint & Microsoft Flow Services

Technology Strategy

Is SharePoint the right technology for your situation? We help you assess the pros and cons of various technologies and develop a sound long-term strategy for your business.

SharePoint Consulting

The ThesisTech team can help you sort through and optimize the many features of SharePoint. We work with you to design and implement new processes and workflows that make a difference for your business.

Microsoft Flow Consulting

Microsoft Flow is used to build automated workflows within the SharePoint application. Our consultants start with a thorough process design and then implement this design using the Flow tools and connectors.

SharePointe Intranets

Your SharePoint Intranet Site is a virtual gathering place for your team members. We can help you develop the site branding and layout that will make each employee visit informative and enjoyable.

SharePoint Team Sites

A SharePoint Team Site connects team members to content, information and apps. Our Custom Team Sites help Project Teams, Functional Teams, Adhoc Teams and Management Teams get the job done.

Extranets & Public Facing Sites

We can assist you with extending SharePoint beyond your company and team. Expand your business relationships with parter and member portals. Engage you customers with public facing sites in SharePoint.

Business Process Redesign

ThesisTech can assist with business process mapping, brainstorming and redesign. An effective SharePoint implementation always begins with well defined business processes.

"Approval" Workflows

One of the most common automated workflows we implement is for approvals. Microsoft Flow allows for complex conditional and parallel workflows. Approval requests are managed through Outlook or the Flow App.

"Notification" Workflows

Another common workflow is for the automated notification of team members based on key triggers such as the addition of an item to a list, a change in a key document or an event in an external system.

"Automation" Workflows

We use Flow to create workflows that automate repetitive tasks. For example, when a new lead is added to a SharePoint list, the contact is also automatically added to a MailChimp mailing list.

Custom Applications

Custom business applications and digital forms can be embedded inside SharePoint Team and Intranet Sites. Apps allow us to incorporate unlimited business logic inside your SharePoint application and workflows.

Application Integration

Microsoft Flow and Custom Apps built with PowerApps can connect external applications and data sources with your SharePoint application. We use this approach to extend automation beyond SharePoint.

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More About Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is a powerful web-based application that turns repetitive tasks into multistep workflows. Workflows are initiated by "Triggers" such as a new entry in a database or the modification of an item in a list. The trigger event initiates a series of "Actions" that often involve things like sending emails, moving data from one application to another or routing documents. Actions can be conditional and can also run in parallel with each other. The real power of Flow exists in its hundreds of "Connectors". Flow can be used to automate functions in applications such as, MailChimp, LinkedIn, Twitter, SQL Server Database, Dropbox, Outlook, Adobe Sign, Act!, Excel, Google Calendar and many more.

More About Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps is a business application development platform which integrates seamlessly with SharePoint. We use PowerApps to build highly functional forms and business logic which interact with SharePoint lists, libraries, sites and other apps. PowerApps helps create a more intuitive and efficient user interface for team members and extends the functionality of workflows. PowerApps is the modern Microsoft replacement for InfoPath Forms in SharePoint.

Case Studies

If you are interested in our SharePoint & Office 365 Services, please speak with one of our developers at (888) 705-7253. The business consultants at ThesisTech are dedicated to helping our clients maximize their company's success through the best productivity tools from Office 365.

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