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When you’re trying to improve your business, it can be difficult to keep up on the latest business technology. Fortunately, our experienced team of business system consultants at ThesisTech can help you get your web app up and running as soon as possible.

Here’s what you need to know about web applications. how they work, and how they can be useful for your business.


Defining Web Applications

A web application (or a web app for short) is similar to a website because you access it through a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer. The information you plug into a web app isn’t stored on the device you’re using. Instead, the information is saved and stored in a server.

Here are some popular web app terms:

  • Client: The program you access through a web browser to read or plug in information.
  • Server: Where all your information is stored.
  • Client-Server Environment: A place where multiple computers or devices can enter information into the app.

How Are Web Apps and Mobile Apps Different?

Web apps and mobile apps may look similar on your phone, yet they’re very different. Check out our chart below to see the main differences in how users interact with these apps.

Web Apps

Mobile Apps

  • Don’t need to be downloaded and installed
  • Are downloaded and installed via an app store
  • Update themselves
  • Require users to regularly download updates
  • Aren’t built for a specific platform because they adapt to the device you’re using
  • Are built for a specific platform (i.e. iOS for the Apple iPhone)
  • Don’t have access to system resources, such as GPS
  • Have access to system resources, such as GPS
  • Are accessed through the internet browser
  • Live and run on the device itself
  • Need an active internet connection in order to run
  • May work offline

Examples of Web Apps

There are many different types of web applications. In fact, you’re probably already using web apps, but haven’t realized it. For example, some web application examplesfrom Google Apps include Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. You’re able to access them through the internet and the information is stored on a server.

Why Should I Use a Web App?

Depending on the type of business you run, you may want to get a web app for online retail sales, instant messaging services, online auctions, and more. Our web application consulting company can help you determine if a web app would best fulfill your company’s information and communication needs.

With a web application, you don’t have to worry about hiring a developer to build a program for a specific computer or operating system. For example, a computer program designed for PC computers may not play nice with Macs. Since a web app is run through a web browser, it will be compatible with both PC and Mac computers and even different versions of Windows. 

This is handy if you have people in the office who use PC computers, but traveling salespeople who use their own devices on the go. Web apps are accessible to all employees.

Future of Web Apps

Web apps aren’t going away anytime soon. In fact, they are only becoming more sophisticated and responsive. Web apps are moving in a direction where servers would no longer be needed to store information. To learn more about the current capabilities of web apps, be sure to contact one of our experienced web application developers.

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