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Web & Mobile Application Development

  • Custom Web & Mobile Apps for any size company and budget.
  • Website Database Applications developed with Microsoft ASP.NET (C#).
  • Rapid / Low Code Applications developed with Microsoft Power Apps.
  • Experience in 15 industries ranging from retail to manufacturing.

Web & Mobile Applications for any Budget

Unlike most custom software companies, we offer development services in both ASP.NET and Power Apps based on the needs of you, our client. ASP.NET is the more traditional method of building software applications using languages and tools such as C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more. This approach to development provides the highest level of customization along with the most advanced functionality.

The Power Apps platform provides a low code approach to developing web and mobile apps. Implementing a simple database application can be accomplished in a few hours using built-in form designers and quick connections to data sources. Power Apps is a subscription-based service and can be an effective, low-cost development alternative in many situations.

The team at Thesis Technologies will work with you to evaluate your custom software needs and help you choose the right development approach for your situation.

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Web & Mobile App Services

Web App Development

We build custom .NET Smart Client and ASP.NET browser-based solutions that address the unique requirements of your business. Our applications often utilize a SQL database on Azure cloud.

Mobile App Development

We build cross-platform and native apps for iOS, Android, Windows or Mac, often utilizing the Azure App Service. We work with you to develop custom mobile apps which expand the reach of your unique business.

PowerApps Development

When a Web or Mobile App is developed for use within an organization, the PowerApps platform may be a good solution. PowerApps can be connected to many unique data sources very quickly at an attractive cost.

Business Intelligence

The Power BI solution from Microsoft allows us to fully embed interactive and real-time visual analytics directly into web and mobile applications. Power BI helps drive better and faster decisions.

Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services (AI) enables the ability to integrate features such as vision/speech recognition, language evaluation and big data search into your web and mobile applications.

Application Integration

Our developers can assist you with seamlessly integrating your web or mobile application with other important business applications such as your accounting system, CRM or other business systems.

User Experience Design

Web and mobile applications often play a mission-critical role. As we work with you to develop these apps, we pay particular attention to the user experience we are creating based on your direction.

Agile Project Management

Web and Mobile application development requires flexibility and speed. We embrace Agile Project Management principles and focus our teams on putting software in your hands as quickly as possible.

Quality Assurance & Testing

For each project we participate in, a detailed QA and Test plan is developed and reviewed with the client. The QA/Test plan is implemented prior to each software release.

Maintenance & Support

After application implementation, ThesisTech will provide the required maintenance and support of the application as directed by our client.

Conversion Services

Many of our projects involve converting data and workflows from one system to another. We carefully address each data element and business process to insure a smooth transition.

Application Security

Data security is a top priority in each of the application projects we participate in. We believe the development of secure apps along with Microsoft's track record in this area delivers a solid result.

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Custom Software Development: {Visual Studio and .NET}

Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development platform used to develop modern software applications for Web, Mobile, and your personal computer. The Visual Studio software provides tools and libraries to help developers create many different kinds of applications for any platform (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, etc).

ASP.NET is one of the application types found inside Visual Studio. We use ASP.NET to build custom web-based business applications. These applications typically include a SQL Server database and are often hosted in the cloud on Microsoft Azure. Visual Studio works seamlessly with Azure to make the deployment of your custom business apps simple and fast.

Inside the ASP.NET application, we use languages and tools that you may be familiar with: C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, and others. These development tools allow us to create great-looking and highly functional website-based applications to meet specific client needs. ASP.NET applications can also run in the browser of your mobile device which often eliminates the need to have a separate mobile application.

The advantages of building business applications with ASP.NET include:

  1. Great looking business applications with a very high level of functionality and flexibility.
  2. No "per user" subscription cost related to ASP.NET like there is with Power Apps.
  3. ASP.NET applications are ideal when you have users that are outside your company (customers and partners).
  4. ASP.NET applications execute more quickly that other technologies (because it is server-side technology).
  5. Join other websites written in ASP.NET including:,,, and

Custom Software Development: {Microsoft Power Apps}

Power Apps is part of Microsoft's Power Platform where it is joined by Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Assistant. The Power Platform is a set of low-code tools which make the development of web and mobile applications faster and easier. The various components work together in many ways. For example, Power Automate is often used with Power Apps to move data or automate processes. Power BI charts and visualizations can also be embedded inside of Power Apps, as another example.

If you are familiar with Microsoft Access, then you can think of Power Apps as a more modern version of Access that lives on the Web. Just like with Access, building forms, connecting to data, and performing tasks in the application do not require the level of detail coding that is required in a typical business application. Much of the work is done for you. For example, Power Apps uses Excel-like expressions to accomplish a task instead of requiring the user to write C# code to accomplish the same task.

Power Apps can be quickly connected to any type of data source ranging from a SQL Server database on Azure to an Excel spreadsheet stored on One Drive for Business. This data source can be efficiently updated using forms built using the Power Apps form builder. Power Automate can be called from Power Apps to perform functions such as sending an email, converting a document into a PDF, or initiating an automated workflow. Power Apps can also be embedded into other Microsoft applications such as Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Teams.

The advantages of building business applications with Power Apps include:

  1. Faster development time and lower development cost.
  2. Traditional, highly trained developers are not required to build sophisticated apps in Power Apps.
  3. Power Apps is a great solution for a limited number of users inside your company.
  4. Power Apps licenses are often included with other Microsoft application licenses such as Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise.
  5. Join other companies who use Power Apps including: Nascar, Amtrak, American Red Cross, Pepsi, and Toyota.

Project Team Roles

Depending on the scope and timing requirements of your custom software development project, ThesisTech will assemble an appropriate team of analysts and developers. Some project team members may be dedicated to your project and others may be a shared resource between various projects. Our Project Teams typically consist of the following roles:

PROJECT MANAGER - Responsible for Project results (cost, timing, product)

BUSINESS ANALYST - Leads the definition of Client needs, business process and scope

SYSTEMS ANALYST - Leads the strategy related to technology and application architecture

DEVELOPER - Creates the application code based on client and architecture requirements

QA ANALYST - Responsible for application testing and quality assurance

Project Management

ThesisTech uses an Agile Project Management approach for our custom software development projects. This approach has a big focus on getting working software into the hands of our clients as quickly as possible. We will work with you to prioritize application functionality and then develop a "software release schedule". This schedule will guide our feature releases and your review. Your input and ideas will help us improve the features and functionality of each release. The stages of this project management approach include:

STAGE 1: APPLICATION VISION - Definition of what the application is, who are the users and how will it support your business strategy.

STAGE 2: APPLICATION ROADMAP - A high-level view of the application requirements with a targeted time frame for when development will occur.

STAGE 3: RELEASE PLAN - A high-level timetable for the release of working software. There will be many releases with a focus on high priority functionality.

STAGE 4: SPRINTS (ITERATIONS) PLAN - Determine the requirements of each Sprint and begin development of application functionality in the current Sprint.

STAGE 5: DAILY SCRUM - The Development Team spends 15 minutes each day reviewing yesterday's progress and what will be worked on today.

STAGE 6: SPRINT REVIEW - The working application is demonstrated to the client.

STAGE 7: SPRINT RETROSPECTIVE - Review how the Sprint went and plan for application improvements in the next Sprint.

Areas of Expertise

If you are interested in learning more about our Web Application Services or Mobile Application services, please Contact our Web Application Developers at (888) 705-7253. At ThesisTech, our business system consultants take pride in help our clients improve their business through Custom Web and Mobile Application Development.

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