How to Scale Your Business with Microsoft Access

Are you a business owner looking to take your business to the next level? Maybe you already run a large company and need a better platform for organizing the massive amounts of data your business has? Our Microsoft Access consultants can help you scale your business and run it more efficiently.

So how does Microsoft Access differ from Excel Spreadsheets? We will give a couple of differences throughout this article, but we have a whole other post about that entitled “How Are Spreadsheets and Databases Different” if you want more information.

1. Limit Human Error

Human error is inevitable to some degree, and it does slow your business growth. However, the good news is you can work at limiting how often it happens.

While Microsoft Access applications aren’t a foolproof way to prevent human error, it bests Excel in significantly limiting it. For example, you may need to change some information on one of your biggest customers, and since they’re one of your biggest, their name and other info are spread across your database.

In a spreadsheet, you’d need to manually change each instance of it. However, for your Access database, all you need to do is change that information in one place for all related instances to change. This drastically reduces the chances of wrong and misleading information popping up when making those revisions.

2. Ease of Communication

Microsoft databases allow multiple people to be using the same data set simultaneously without interfering in each other’s work. However, it is important to note that Microsoft Access will prevent two people from changing the same data value at the same time which maintains continuity throughout the database.

Nothing prevents growth like confusion. For your business to grow, you want to ensure you and your employees are on the same page. Microsoft Access helps you do this with their feature where everyone working on a given project will notice changes made by you but on their own computer.

You can also easily share information with colleagues. Microsoft Access allows you to export, email, or print reports you make and this ensures a seamless flow of information between you and your colleagues.

3. Clarity of Information

When building your enterprise, knowing is definitely half the battle. Unorganized data can lead to decisions that aren’t optimal and even counterproductive for growth. Microsoft Access is great for organizing large data sets so you can have maximized clarity when reviewing key information to move your business forward.

Whether you’re looking at a year’s worth of marketing campaigns, all of your company’s finances, or a massive amount of information on your customer base, Access can handle it all while processing a number of important functions like producing reports and analyses.

Another key feature is Microsoft Access stores information differently from Excel, and this affects how the platform pulls information when making a report. Access may pull data from across the database instead of one spreadsheet. This allows you to see connections between data points more clearly for a better perspective on certain situations.

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