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Microsoft Power BI is one of the most powerful data visualization tools for your business. Our Power BI consultants have experience working with a wide range of industries, including yours. If you would like to learn more, contact us today for additional information.

We can help you understand how to use the latest business technology to get ahead of the competition, attract leads, and increase profit. Don't wait, learn more about how Power BI can benefit your company by contacting us today. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of data visualization through Microsoft Power BI.

Benefits of Microsoft Power BI

Make Decisions Backed by Data

Once you go ahead with the Power BI download, you might be surprised by how much easier it is to make decisions and hold meetings when everyone’s on the same page. Not only will everyone on your team have access to the same data, but Power BI comes with data visualization tools so you can create interactive charts and graphs. In other words, Power BI gives you the confidence to make decisions backed by data.

Tell Your Company’s Story

How much have sales increased after an advertising campaign? How successful is your company’s rebranding strategy for a targeted demographic? These are questions that can be answered by using the data visualization tools within Power BI. One of the benefits of Microsoft Power BI is that you’re able to use data visualization tools to tell the story of your company.

Depending on your goals, Power BI lets you publish reports internally so it doesn’t leak to the public or competitors. However, Power BI also lets you publish data visualizations on your website or blog to share with customers and the general public. Sharing information increases transparency, which helps the public trust your company and brand.

Identify Trends

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how a product is selling before stocking more? Microsoft Power BI can keep track of your sales so you can make informed purchasing decisions. For example, you may notice that people tend to buy more of your clothing in November. With this information, you could plan to launch an advertising campaign in the weeks leading up to your busiest month.

If you don’t like the story you see in the charts and graphs, Microsoft Power BI helps you identify downward trends before they hurt the economic health of your company. Likewise, data visualization can help you identify positive trends so you can continue to do what works.

Understand Data Better

It’s hard to understand data when it’s hidden in the rows and columns of an Excel spreadsheet. Fortunately, you can use the data visualization tools within Microsoft Power BI to tell a story. For example, a line graph can show how a holiday sale affected the number of items sold.

Since many people are visual learners, it makes sense to show data in charts and graphs. Data visualization especially comes in handy when you’re trying to convince reluctant team members or clients to move forward with a plan. Data visualization help you quickly explain important insights in a way others can understand.

Our Power BI consultants can help you use data visualization tools to improve your company’s decision-making ability, as well as communication both internally and externally. To request a quote for Power BI training, call Thesis Tech at (888) 705-7253.

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