Thesis Tech Partner Program

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to serve clients in business service industries such as:

  • I.T. Companies
  • Accounting Firms
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Management Consultants

These clients often have clients of their own with technology needs beyond what they offer. For example, many I.T. companies provide infrastructure services but do not provide business system development services.

The Thesis Technologies Partner Program was created to allow our clients to easily offer expanded services in business system development and support.

Our Partner Program offers a significant financial benefit to our clients while leaving them in full control of the client relationship.

Thesis Technologies Partner Program Details

Our Partner Program allows you to offer the services provided by Thesis Technologies to your clients. These services Include:

Profit Sharing Arrangement

The financial aspects of the Partner Program are based on a Profit Sharing Model. Project profits are split equally between Thesis Technologies and our partner. The profit sharing realized by our Partners is typically in the $35 per project hour range. Here are the details:

27.5% Revenue share to Partner
27.5% Revenue share to Thesis Technologies
35.0% Revenue share to pay for the cost of the developers and consultants who execute the project
10.0% Technology and Administration Fee
100.0% Total Project Revenue

Partner Program: Referral Model

Participation in our Partner Program can be on a referral basis or as a white-label partner. The referral program is where you refer your client to us for services. Under the referral model, we operate as Thesis Technologies and contract directly with your client. Your involvement in any given project is up to you. You can choose to be very hands-on during the project or you can be completely hands-off. We will provide updates as often as you wish to insure that your client is being well taken care of. Our goal throughout this process is to strengthen your relationship with your client. All projects conducted with your clients will be part of the Partner Program even if you decide to take a hands-off approach.

Partner Program: White-Label/Sub-Contract Model

Under the white-label/sub-contract approach, we operate as an extension of your organization. Under this model, we will normally use an email account provided by you to connect with your client as part of your team. You will contract directly with your client for the project work and we will be a sub-contractor working for you on the project. As with the referral model, you can choose to be very hands-on during the project or you can be completely hands-off. We will provide updates as often as you wish to insure that your client is being well taken care of.

I.T. Companies

Expand beyond your infrastructure services into business application services without adding staff or technical knowledge. Many of the I.T. companies we have supported in the past are aware of the application or business process needs of their clients but are unsure how to move forward in meeting these needs. The Thesis Technologies Partner Program provides an effective way to offer these services and increase the value you provide to your clients.

Accounting Firms

Expand the business services you provide to your clients and create a new profit center for the firm. As a key business advisor to your clients, you are often aware of internal needs that are beyond the scope of what you currently offer. Instead of taking no action or simply referring them to a 3rd party for support, the Thesis Technologies Partner Program allows you to offer additional services directly and benefit financially at the same time.

Marketing Agencies

Help your clients achieve maximum benefit from the services you provide by helping to make sure they have solid internal sales systems to turn leads into sold business. Our business application specialities include marketing automation and CRM implementations. By offering services in these areas through the Thesis Technologies Partner Program, you can help your clients turn marketing leads into sales through strong business systems.

Management Consultants

It is not uncommon for poor busines systems to be a source of poor business performance. By utilizing the Thesis Technologies Partner Program, you can seamlessly offer business system solutions to your clients. This holistic approach to business improvement will allow you to add additional longterm value while making additional money for your practice.

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