Microsoft Excel Training

About Us

ThesisTech was formed to provide system development and consulting solutions for clients across the country.

After spending years in the business world, we have realized that key information is often not organized the way it should be and can be very inefficient to produce.

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used business analysis tool in the world today with over 200 million users worldwide (or 500 million, or a billion, depending on who you believe). Excel is an amazing tool, but sometimes poorly designed spreadsheets or inefficient processes can hold an organization back. That's what we are all about, making information easier to use and easier to produce. We accomplish this mission through Excel programming and consulting work along with offering Excel training.

We believe we have a unique combination of business experience and technical abilities which allows us to make a big difference in organizations just like yours. We look forward to working with you!

We are located near the sunny shores of Lake Michigan in the city of Holland Michigan.

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