Do I Need Microsoft Excel 2019? Holland, MI

Aren't sure if Microsoft Excel 2019 is worth the investment? We understand how you might hesitate to buy new business technology.

For this reason, we've outlined some of the major changes to Excel so you can make an informed decision. There are several distinct advantages to switching to Microsoft Excel 2019.

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Do I Need Microsoft Excel?

Import Data From External Sources Faster

Microsoft renamed the Get & Transform tool in Excel 2016 to Power Query. The Power Query tool allows you to import from external sources. The tool then transforms the data and puts it in Excel. Many companies have already switched to Excel 2019 to import data more quickly and accurately. Request a quote for our Excel consulting services today!

Use 3D Images

Microsoft understands that HOW you present your data is important. This is why Excel 2019 lets you import 3D models, strengthening your presentation. For example, you may insert a 3D model of one of the cars you're trying to sell. Excel also has categories of 3D models for you to choose from, which include animals and geology. Within Microsoft Excel, you're able to rotate 3D models to view all angles.

Connect Better to Microsoft Flow

Does your team do the same tasks every day? Microsoft Flow can help you automate repetitive tasks so you can save time and money. Unlike previous versions, Microsoft Excel 2019 connects better to Microsoft Flow. This makes it easier for you to create an automatic workflow in Excel 2019.

When you create an automatic workflow, Flow pulls data from other applications. Flow will then store and/or manipulate this data in Excel, depending on what information you need. From there, you can adjust the workflow so Flow sends the data from Excel to other people. You can even send data to third-party applications, such as Outlook.

Share Workbooks with Others

In the past, Excel locked spreadsheets for editing. Today, more than one person can edit the same Excel spreadsheet at once if it's stored on OneDrive or SharePoint. This saves you time and frustration. When you open a shared document, you'll see the names of active users in the upper right corner. You'll also see the exact locations where users are editing.

You'll be able to see all changes made to an Excel spreadsheet almost immediately. This is different from the old default setting that let you see new changes every 15 minutes.

Collect & Analyze Responses with Microsoft Forms

Does your company rely on information pulled from surveys or polls? If so, it may interest you to learn that Microsoft Forms is now compatible with Excel. This business technology allows you to create and share survey forms within Excel. You'll also be able to use Excel 2019 to analyze and chart responses to your questions.

We understand that time is money. This is why our Excel consultants take the time to train employees and answer questions from you. To request a quote for Excel consulting, call Thesis Tech at (888) 705-7253.

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